Our Team

At Four Corners Home, we all love what we do, and nothing is as rewarding as completing a project that the client loves.  While we enjoy sharing our passion and enthusiasm with customers, it’s our design experience and skills which bring a vision to fruition.

But our job involves much more than just technical skills.

We ask questions and listen to responses, constantly striving to offer our clients fresh ideas and suggestions which meet their individual needs. This consultative approach takes thought and time, but in the end the results prove the worth of this method.

Be it selecting a gift, choosing an accessory or undertaking a large scale design project, our team at Four Corners Home stands ready to offer advice and expertise to ensure total satisfaction.

Let us show you our definition of customer care.



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William Griffin

Bill’s real passion is great design – whether it be the structure or what’s inside.  With 20 years experience in both residential and commercial interiors, Bill enjoys bringing elements of the unexpected into his design projects. He loves to combine new pieces along with collected pieces that lend an element of permanence and continuity.

As a native of North Carolina, Bill seized the opportunity to return to his home state when he opened Four Corners Home in Asheville along with his husband Michael Forde.

When not working, Bill loves to travel. A life-changing nine month trip around the world opened his eyes to design inspiration and planted the seed for what eventually became Four Corners Home.

Melissa Ness

Melissa joined our team in 2012, shortly after moving to Asheville.  Melissa tackles dueling personalities of fashion lover and outdoor recreation aficionado.

Prior to moving to Asheville, Melissa obtained her degree in interior design and worked in the industry in Atlanta, GA.  With her background ranging from commercial design to custom cabinetry, she is especially well versed in understanding the relationships between architecture, design and contemporary art.

Outside of her career, Melissa enjoys refinishing vintage furniture and hiking the wide array of trails in Western North Carolina.

Joe Pawlus

Joe grew up in central Florida were he played Jai Alai semi professionally. He moved to Asheville in 2005 to enjoy the beautiful mountains. He loves to go hiking as often as he can and also enjoys rock climbing and mountain biking. His wife works as a Veterinarians Technician and is constantly bringing home stray cats.

When not working hard delivering new furniture to our customers,  Joe is also an accomplished home brewer and really appreciates the variety of local micro breweries who call Asheville home. With his distinctive mustache, it’s difficult to forget ever meeting Joe.

Zoey Duck

After finishing college in East Tennessee, Zoey found her home here in Asheville, North Carolina. Zoey has long since enjoyed designing, her original passion was clothing design, learning to sew at an early age from her Grandmother. She loves the idea of creating works of art from her own imagination. Her personal aesthetic is minimal, modern design with warm wood tones.

Zoey adores working with customers achieve their ideal space whether large or small. She works hard to help achieve a space that is both functional and stunning that can make anyone feel at home.

When she is not working, Zoey enjoys spending time in nature with her dog, Rosie, taking in the beautiful mountain views.

Josh Szarek

Josh is originally from Northern Michigan but has called Asheville home for 16 years.

He takes great pride in giving the customer a great delivery experience, as well as helping make suggestions on placement and other possible design ideas.

When Josh is not working he enjoys working in his wood shop making belt buckles and wooden pendants out of Mountain Laurel and reclaimed wood. He also enjoys Rockhounding and collecting minerals from all over the world.

Michael Forde


Originally from Lancashire in England, Michael was transferred to Florida by the travel company he worked. After seven years based in Orlando, he moved with his husband Bill to Asheville, NC to start Four Corners Home.

Michael loves the interaction with the customers he meets everyday and loves the opportunity to build strong relationships with them.

His person design aesthetic is clean lines with a limited use of colors. He loves to incorporate textures in both fabrics, accessories and wall décor items.

Along with Bill, Michael has the travel bug and loves to visit new places. His favorites being Australia, South Africa and Italy. His other passion is animals. No animal ever passes him on the street without receiving a cuddle.