Oslo Relaxer

From $1295

The Oslo relaxer offers simple styling with smooth stitching making it the perfect choice to compliment almost any style of furniture. Features curved vertical backrest stitching and a slight sleigh armrest design. Priced in nordic line leathers. Also available in soft line and astro line leather upgrade options. Continuous back adjustment, combined with an integrated footrest and a comfortable rocking function make this a very practical and comfortable choice. It is supplied with 360 degree rotation. Solid round base features eight small flat round polypropylene floor protectors around the bottom of the base. Coordinating sofa and loveseat are available with either a high back or a low back design.

Active Release System TM
Vertically adjustable neck support system to optimize sitting experience.

Cold Cure Moulded Foam
Fjords Relaxers are manufactured using a high density cold cure moulded polyurethane foam which retains its suppleness longer than competitors block foam. Moulds are created to have the exact shape of the relaxer for optimum comfort. A carefully adapted fibre layer is used between the upholstery covering and foam adding extra softness and improved comfort.

Steel Frame
Designed in a manner that satisfies Fjords strict quality requirements. Which is why Fjords provides a ten-year guarantee on all steel frame structures.

Leather Upholstery
Fjords offers three types of leather upholstery options graded as nordic, soft and astro lines. Leather is digitally inspected while computer based equipment assists with utilizing each hide during manual cutting. The seaming process on Fjords relaxers is hand crafted using special sewing machines. It’s a time consuming process that requires skilled and knowledgeable workers who have to know the form, function and strength of each leather.

  • Manual version features a 360 degree swivel and comes with a glide lock.
  • Motorized version features a 170 degree swivel. Glide lock is not compatible with motorized version.
  • Price shown is for small, non motorized version in a Nordic leather grade.


  • Height: 39.5"
  • Width: Standard 30.5", 32.25"
  • Depth: Standard 34.5", Large 35.5"